E L L E  S H E A

handcrafted in new york city | by lizzie shea mcminn

meet the designer behind

E L L E   S H E A

Lizzie shea mcminn has been creating and designing since she can remember.  she is an artist, a stylist, and a designer. her passion for making things beautiful has allowed her to develop a successful career in various branches of the fashion industry.  lizzie began designing jewelry around the time of her wedding when she was looking for accessories for her many upcoming wedding events.  She realized that she had a vision of what she wanted and could not find anything that would measure up.  It was then that she decided she would make her own accessories rather settle for something she was not in love with.  lizzie's background in fashion design and her knowledge of current and upcoming trends have helped her on this new venture, and she is beyond excited to share her jewelry with the world!  

Follow lizzie on instagram @elle_shea_nyc to see her latest designs.